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About Us
U-SHED was formed
and the way it works is this...

USHED was formed by senior citizens for senior citizens to enable us to help ourselves and make life easier without relying on the government who seem unwilling to recognise us.

By registering you become a member and we would hope to build an organisation where we can rise up and be able to offer senior citizens savings on everyday essentials and commodoties. The funds will sit in a central "pot" and will be used to buy from source and subsidise services for members.

Registration forms will be available at GP surgeries, Post Offices, in newspapers and online.

Interested? Then please take the time to complete the registration.

Shown below is a break-down of the services of U-SHED:-

  1. For a small monthly membership fee we will enable members to save between 10 and 50% on everyday essentials such as food, insurances, community tax, gas, electric, water e.t.c.
  2. Mobile dentists, opticians and audiologists could make these routine examinations much more accessible to elderly, immobile and infirm.
  3. Funds could be used to buy larger items from source and offer them to members with substantial discounts rather than going to the high street companies who do not offer special rates for pensioners.
  4. A lot of the older generation do not like using computers or shopping online. It is rare these days to find somewhere which offers the facility to call and be able to buy in confidence.
  5. It is hoped that we will grow and eventually have enough funding to enable us to sponsor hospital wards and care homes.

The cost of the above benefits is £4 per month.

The more members we have the more savings we will be able to offer.